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Luisa Fernanda Serna Libreros is a Colombian artist classically trained as an opera singer. The soprano is distinguished by her professionalism and her blend of both Colombian and German culture, which have strongly contributed to her ability as a multifaceted singer.


becomes passion

At an early age, Luisa began her musical search by participating in several contests and intercollegiate events, earning numerous wins as a soloist, as well as part of duets and ensembles. Today she has education and work experience in both Colombia and Germany, which has enriched her talent at an intercultural level.

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but, what is passion?

According to the lexicon it is a strong enthusiasm, a pronounced and penetrating emotion. If we were to ask the soprano Luisa Libreros, passion is music and the way of expressing oneself through it:

"Music is the strongest, most mysterious and profound way to connect to the audience; not only because emotions are transmitted with it, but also because it communicates its past, its meaning and history. Music needs a deep and conscious interpretation, it deserves the greatest attention and performance that the interpreter can give; therefore, as an artist, it is my responsibility to enrich and nurture my abilities and talents, through the integration of my body, soul and spirit. "

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"Warmth in the voice, golden tones, functional temperament and a radiant charisma are the triumphs of her singing" - Prof. Annette Koch


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